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Rock 'n Toques, les 10 ans !

From Friday 02 Jun to 4 June 2017
Web Site
Phone 02 96 77 60 62
Address Place de la Résistance Village du Festival 22000 Saint-Brieuc
The Pentecost week-end -in June this year- for meeting and the city of Saint-Brieuc for setting, Art Rock, the multiplefaceted festival, convenes arts on stage or in more atypic places. Music, dance, fine arts, multimedia, theater, photography, merge in a perfect synergy. Curtains falls on a seductive and cheeky program to discover on 9, 10, 11 and 12 of June during a frenzied and unifying
28th edition. While Miss.Tic puts her velvet scratch on Saint-Brieuc walls and in the former Monoprix, six singer-painters from the Luc Amoros company compose and decompose their faddish frescos like so many windows opened to the world. A stamp which will leave its mark on the city as much as spirits. Provocating and subversive, « The Ballad of sexual dependency » bumps into thought. The punk new-yorker environment, immortalized by the famous artist Nan Goldin in the 80's, is setting in music by the surrealist and tastily cynic trio The Tiger Lillies in a palpable alchimy. In a hazy grace Agn Agnes Obel and s Anna Calvi will make tremble the audience who will let itself go into their bewitching music as much as the oriental charm of Hindi Zahra. Let's take place to the high luxury rock on Poulain Corbion stage with the stylishness of the gentleman Bryan Ferry and the perfect suits of the swedish The Hives Hives. AaRON mirrors with elegance the french pop, and Aloe Black bears soul colors with verve. Plugged in 100 000 volts, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Explosion, Cali Cali, Klaxons make the atmosphere electric. The Inspector Cluzo Cluzo,Solange La Fr Frange, Radio Radio ange, Radio, Boogers oogers then take turns doing nonstandard lives at Forum de la Passerelle. Both Yelle and Yann Tiersen change course. The first one is back with an incredibly feline album, while the second one supersede violin with guitar.
Concerning Julian Marley lian and Staff Benda Bilili Bilili, they perpetuate traditions with an infectious fervor. At the same time, multimedia art challenges sensitive perceptions. Adrien M and Kyle Mc Donald face spectators to their own body metamorphosis, whereas Ernesto Klar and Kit Webster play with solid geometry. The audience is also involved by Squidsoup's and Chris Sugrue's insects. The border between reality and virtuality has never been so easily crossed...
On Thursday June the 9th takes place a hectic opening night between Forum and Grand Théâtre de la Passerelle as preamble of this 28th edition. From the staggering Herman Kolgen Kolgen's « Inject » to the magnetic Ei Wada Wada, passing by the futurist Hiroaki Umeda , festival goers meet 3 hybrid artists
who are able to go beyond the discipline in a tangible numeric tension. A set that will be closed by the volcanic live with the Icelandic WhoKnew. To boot, parisian tube's musicians, heads-cook, local artists, literary meetings will also take part of Art Rock Festival's now showing in 2011. In the respect of its basic values, Art Rock claims with no more pretending and discloses arts endless connivance. An obviously acrobatics edition !