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  • Summer Bathing/ beaches in St Brieuc Bay
  • Wild beaches in St- Brieuc Bay nature reserve, Hillion
  • Kids friendly beaches in St Brieuc Bay, north Brittany
  • Les Rosaires beach Plerin, St Brieuc Bay, kitesurf spot

Les Rosaires beach, Plérin


This big beach with its fine sand extends over two kilometres. Lifeguard zone. Shops. In summer there are activities (Passion Plage, Cap Armor), information and a special bus line to the centre of St Brieuc from mid June to mid September. The beach has wheelchair access and toilets.


Tournemine Beach, Plérin

Beach with easy access and parking, perfect for various activities such as swimming, water sports and fishing. Water sport centre. Lifeguard on duty.


Martin beach, Plérin

Small wild inlet at the foot of the pointe du Roselier. Sand and pebbles, access to the Rocher Martin with its white cross. Fishing and swimming. Lifeguard on duty during the summer season.

Le Petit Havre beach, Pordic

Sheltered inlet accessible via a short well-kept path. Parking. Sand and pebbles. Fishing and swimming. Geological interest (schist and quartz)  and historical interest (18th century submerged jetty, a former wooden anchor point). 


Lermot beach, Hillion

In the Nature reserve, direct access to the mussell farms. Cockle fishing.


Beach and dunes of Bon Abri, Hillion

Protected zone in the heart of the Baie de Saint-Brieuc natural reserve

Valais beach, Saint-Brieuc

Small beach at Cesson. No dogs allowed. Toilets with wheelchair access.