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Saint-Brieuc Bay nature reserve

  • La Maison de la Baie, maison nature à Hillion, St brieuc Bay nature reserve


 Saint-Brieuc Bay nature reserve


The largest natural reserve in Brittany is a paradise for bird watchers. Split between two geographical indentations (the anse d'Yffiniac and the anse de Morieux) which form an internationally known wetland area classified as a natural reserve in 1998, the bay protects a fauna and flora which flourish without encroachment. A migratory crossroads, certain birds stop over here while others have elected to make their nests. Along the wandering pathways of the bay, and according to the time of year there may be up to 40,000 birds of 112 species to be seen.

The reserve has alll the characteristic environments of a bay - sand and sand flats, mud flats and salt marshes, as well as the Bon Abri dunes and cliffs in the landward part of the reserve.

Find out more at the Nature Reserve's website (english version available)

La Maison de la Baie


The Maison de la Baie, information and observation centre, is nested on a promontory near the pointe des Guettes at Hillion. An exceptional panoramic site on the anse d’Yffiniac, it offers the visitor an almost complete view of the bay of St Brieuc, its natural wealth and maritime economy. 


Click here  to find the dates of ornithological events and nature outings proposed by the Maison de la Baie