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Hiking and cycling in Saint-Brieuc Bay

  • Chaos du Gouet

Nature sites and walks

Saint-Brieuc Bay offers many different hikings along the coast and inland.


Pointe des Guettes (Hillion)

10% of French mussel production takes place ont the row of large mussel beds here. A unique, must-see spectacle !


Pointe du Roselier (Plérin)

Scale the heights and discover a stunning panoramic view. Down below, follow the marked trail and take a look at the old cannonball oven that stands testament to the defence systems of times gone by.


Pointe de Pordic

A spectacular view overlooking the beaches of Tournemine and Rosaires. Viewpoint indicator and former guardroom. Picnic tables.


Chaos du Gouët in Saint-Julien

Piles of granite settled in the bed of the Gouët river stud this 4.5 km walk like nature's gems (cross the village of Saint-Julien and take the third right by " Les Prétoquis.)


Gouessant estuary (Rolland bridge)

Car park at Ponts Neufs (cross the road) - Hillion. Steep pathway to the right of the old bridge. Two hours of spectacular views over the Gouessant river which flows into the bay according to the tides. Sloes and hawthorns dot your route.


Gouédic valley (Saint-Brieuc)

A veritable green corridor through the town, the valley provides a pedestrian route to the harbour grom the town. Great lawn (4 hectares), a great place to relax and perhaps have a picnic (4 tables). There is also a basket-ball court and biodiversity garden.

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Cycle routes

30 km section at the heart of "la littorale" coastal cycle route. From east to west, the cycle route lets cyclists discover 252 km of quiet roads and dedicated cycle paths !

Access from Saint-Brieuc town centre via the harbour.

Pedestrians and cyclists are permitted to use the cycle route. The route follows the coastline as closely as possible and uses paths or roads with little trafic (horse-riders pass under the viaduc).


Two remarkable viaducts, built by the engineer Harel de la Noë, offer panoramic views and manageable gradients : The Ponts-Neufs viaduct in Hillion and the Pordic viaduct "Pont de Percée".

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Routes 4 (V4) : " La Littorale "

Route 8 (V8) : Saint-Brieuc to Lorient


A great mountain bike resort !


Saint-Brieuc Bay offers 22 marked trails of different levels, but also a variety of facilities such as a bike washing area (at la Maison de la Baie), bike hire and repair, organised treks, accomodation and catering facilities. 

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