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The countryside behind Saint-Brieuc conceals inumerable delights and the different landscapes unfold with authentic accents where untouched nature makes relaxation unavoidable. The valley of Goëlo, a green sward covering twenty hectares developed for the pleasure of walkers  and the simply curious reflects the splendour of the countryside and the rural communities of Britanny and the bay of Saint-Brieuc. A perfect excuse for nature lovers to enjoy all sorts of leisure activities and relaxing passtimes.

Escape INto the wild

The GR 34 walking route has 30 kilomètres of pathways overlooking the sea, like a ribbon running between two elements at the base of life - the earth and the sea. Your feet retrace the steps of explorers... your senses are revitalised: the iodised air of the sea mixes with almond fragrances. Surf plays with seaweeds uncovered by the tide - the smells of the ocean are all around.  250 km of signposted pathways take you around the country and mysteries are revealed under the cover of the woods, enigmatic on either side of the path. Water flows between immense blocks of granite that interrupt its flow - Listen ! The elements are communicating !

>> A few numbers

3 valleys on one territory / 250 km of signposted pathways / 30 km of coastal path
81 km of signposted mountain-bike circuits / 6 riding centres / 8 circuits

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