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Saint-Brieuc on the toques

Already 10 years for the ROCK’N TOQUES collective  !



A gourmet street food with the Rock’nToques chefs during Art Rock festival in Saint-Brieuc

We French love a good play on words. Toque is the French word for the traditional white chef's hat, and the Rock’n Toques group gets together to invite you to appreciate the art of those who wear it. The next gathering is at the Art Rock festival from May 18-20th 2018 for a voyage of cooking discovery in the street in front of live bands.

A young generation of chefs wishing to invest themselves in the dynamism of the town, the group first got together for the 2008 Art Rock festival. The particular skills of our chefs are emphasised as is the diversity of local cuisine on the occasion of this festival which the inhabitants have embraced enthusiastically. Last year the group of star-holding chefs, restauranteurs, wine merchants and crêpiers delighted festival-goers with over 16 000 meals !

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