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St Brieuc Bay : european Destination of excellence in gastronomy


Saint-Brieuc Bay, the destination for food lovers


Saint-Brieuc is THE place to eat judging from the fame of its chefs - Nicolas ADAM at the Vieille Tour and Mathieu Aumont Aux Pesked, a high place for gastronomy.

Saint-Brieuc Bay was awarded by the 2015 Eden price : European Destination of excellence in gastronomy. 

The land and sea here never stop interacting, stimulating an endless imagination.
Without a doubt the creativity seems almost infinite for the chefs within the sumptuous natural environment which surrounds them.

The fragrances and flavours of local produce mix with local know-how and invite you to a voyage of gastronomic discovery - wake up those taste-buds! Produce from the land and the sea - scallops, queen of the sea from October to April, served in a thousand and one recipes are simply not to be missed!



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