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Industrial heritage


Langueux-Les Grèves museum La Briqueterie


Museum constructed on a former brick factory site, dedicated to the activities of the bay in the 19th century (cockle fishing, farming, salt production etc). The Briqueterie also houses contemporary art exhibitions, often inspired by memories of the bay. An educational walkthrough for 7 years and up, along with creative workshops are propsed all year round. 

On the same site, the Boutdeville tramway offers a 10 minute tour.

More infos about la Briqueterie :


Little train of the Côtes du Nord (former name of the Côtes d’Armor district)


The Association des Chemins de Fer des Côtes du Nord works to bring life to the history of the departmental railways active between 1905 and 1956. A project for a tourist line is in development. The construction of the local railways was entrusted to Harel de la Noë, a local resident, who used reinforced concrete, a new material at the time. The railways ran for 452 kilometres at their height, one of the most extensive networks in France.  Since 2004 the Boutdeville Tramway runs on part of the old track in Langueux