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Villa Rohannec'h

Rue de Rohannec'h
22000 Saint-Brieuc
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From the town centre, take the direction of the quartier Saint-Michel, then go towards the “Aubé Tertre”. Pass the little bridge above the RN12, the entrance to the park is on your left. (access to the port, and visits the maritime activities centre, traditionnal sailing boats, ship owners houses, etc.)
Open to the public everyday except bank holidays: 9am to 5pm (up to 7pm in Summer)
This garden was part of the private residence of a Breton ship owner: Le Gualès de Mézaubran. The villa continues to dominate the port of Légué today. The main route opened up by the ship owner to access the port is 600m long. Lined with Lime trees the incline attains 10% at its lower end.
  • Villa Rohannec'h 1 - Saint-Brieuc Aurélie Tiercin
  • Villa Rohannec'h 2 - Saint-Brieuc ©
  • Villa Rohannec'h 3 - Saint-Brieuc Dominique MORIN
  • Villa Rohannec'h 1 - Saint-Brieuc
  • Villa Rohannec'h 2 - Saint-Brieuc
  • Villa Rohannec'h 3 - Saint-Brieuc
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