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La Maison de la Baie

Site de l'étoile
22120 Hillion
Phone : 02 96 32 27 98
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The scenography of the Maison de la Baie (Bay Discovery Centre) museum takes its visitors from the top of the cliff to an underwater viewing room, learning a thing or two on the way. Ready for an adventure?

It all begins on the Chemin des Douaniers (Customs Officers' Path) around an orientation table in a setting full of geological models, stone exhibits, videos and a narrow lookout point, inviting you to boldly go forth. As you go down, the stairway recreates the path along the cliff and gives you some information about this vertical world. You then enter a universe of tidal phenomena, the tides being particularly great in Saint-Brieuc bay. A model shows you how people adapted their economic activities to the tides. The walk continues along the sea front. A wooden path, lighting effects and then into a decor of dunes showing their different elements and life under the sand. After passing through a curtain of seaweed, welcome to the underwater world. A wall of aquariums displays the endemic flora and fauna. Then its back to the surface, the staircase standing in for an airlock. With each step the exceptional panorama of the bay opens up. Reaching the glass atrium, it's time to stop and meditate. Then there's the last stage of the journey, telling the tale of how we humans and our activities have impacted the bay. Questions and ideas abound to help us understand how to create the best conditions for people and bay to coexist in mutual harmony. Go for it: calculate your carbon footprint!
The end of the visit is devoted to ways in which we can protect our fragile natural environment. You may be lucky enough to catch one of the temporary exhibitions held by the museum.
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  • La Maison de la Baie 1 - Hillion
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  • La Maison de la Baie 3 - Hillion
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