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Essential Saint-Brieuc


Focus on - the museum of art and history of Saint-Brieuc

In two free access buildings, the museum traces the history of the different activities of the region, fishing traditions, sheet metal works, the rural habitat and the social and religious life of Britanny.

Simultaneous temporary exhibitions. The museum is also involved in different events during the year, such as the the bi-annual contemporary art festival, and the Art Rock festival, exhibition of digital art.

 Visit the museum's website to find out more

Focus on - the Saint-Michel cemetary, ST-brieuc's answer to pere lachaise

In the Saint Michel quarter of town, in the heights of the town centre, a gate opens onto a a unique memorial overlooking the Gouédic valley. It's neither a park nor a garden, but rather St-Brieuc's version of the famous Parisian cemetary Pere Lachaise, where many of France's notables are buried.

Along the alleyways you'll see busts, sepulchres and tombs to the memory of some of the greatest Bretons.  Louis Guilloux rests near the military square,  Lucien Camus, father of Albert Camus, who fell during the first world war, died in Saint-Brieuc.

A little further on, a monument with a bronze medallion pays homage to the Le Goff brothers, sons of the sculptor Elie Le Goff. Another represesents 20th century literature, Roger Nimier lies near the central alley under the camelia. Admiral CharnerAbbot Vallée and Mayor Hérault are interred here.

Leaving the cemetary on the right a small terrain is reserved in memory of Anatole Le Braz. A granite sculpture shows a scene of the writer looking through his work Mach’arit Fulup.